How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Communication breakdowns happen to all of us.  We all have our good days and bad days.  Also, we have our own agendas and ideas of how they will be completed.  Sometimes our partner does not react the way we intend for different reasons.  Communication breakdown happens for multiple reasons.  Unfortunately lack of communication can lead to marital problems.

Busy lives, lack of sleep, stress, confusion, and feelings can cause communication to fail.  Additionally, expecting those to respond one way without actually listening can cause further problems.

It happens to us all even when we understand the pit falls.  It just happened to me the other week.  I was exhausted from a long work week and my wife said something that grated on my nerves.  She was attempting to make a joke, but I didn’t take it that way.  I got upset and an argument ensued.  However, my tools that I learned helped shorten the argument significantly.  The argument would have spun out of control and we would have said things we couldn’t take back.

These tools can be learned to help avoid marriage problems.  Communication is key to expressing ourselves accordingly.  I was tired and not fully listening to my wife.  Also, I didn’t express to my wife how stressed I was.  Her comment wasn’t truly a big deal, but as we all know things get taken out of context.  Some arguments may be over dishes, garbage, or organization.  Everyone has their nuances that need to be communicated more effectively than others.

When more people are tired or stressed may respond differently.  However, expressing these feelings to my spouse would have avoided a fight.  It is important to recognize what makes us act differently.  Additionally, we need to understand what makes our spouse act differently as well.  Open communication lines allow us to be more empathetic with our significant other’s feelings.

There are plenty of lessons that we learned throughout our efforts to saving our marriage with the tools we learned.  You too can begin the healing process by opening the lines of communication.  Check out this site to develop the tools needed to save your marriage from divorce.

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